http://5g.uxfmfca.cn have arranged the robots in a logically order. Think of robots for home, health care, education and robots at work. Be inspired by this new technology.

      Robots in care

      Care robots can help us care for people in many different settings. There are all...

      Robots at home

      Looking for a robot helper in your household or a robot at home to support or...

      Robots in education

      Robots are becoming increasingly common in education. They are something you can...

      Robots at work

      Robots at work are used for a wide range of tasks such as cleaning, inspection,...


      Robots that have been most viewed by our visitors over the past month. For an overview of all robots you can also use our robot filter.

      Pepper robot
      Pepper robot
      The lawn mower that does not allow resistance
      Your robot dog
      Companion Pet Robotcat
      Robot cat Companion
      Meccano Meccanoid GS15KS
      Meccanoid self-construction robot DiY from Meccano
      Echo Dot, third generation
      Echo Dot, third generation
      Vector robot
      Vector robot
      Google nest Hub
      Google nest hub, home hub


      On this site you will find information about robots at home, at work and in our lives. We offer an overview of available robots and keep you informed of the latest news about personal robots, service robots, care robots, educational robots and robots at work. Relevant information, user reviews, events and references where you can buy or rent robots. Be surprised by robots in our world.

      Robot types

      Below you will find an overview of frequently requested robot types. 

      Humanoid Robots

      Humanoid the human robot. Developments go fast. The human-robot as a...

      Robot animals, robot pets

      A robot animal as a pet? Robot dog, robot cat, robot dinosaur or robot...

      Robot Toy

      Toy robot. Here you can compare them and find detailed information....

      DIY robot

      A self-built robot is suitable for children and adults. With a DIY robot...

      Care robot

      Care robot, robot for care tasks. Socially there are several developments...

      Digital Assistant

      A digital assistant in your house you can talk to. The device will answer...